Hey! Ok, I am a little tired of looking for work opportunities every day and just being with myself. So I decided to do daily stand-up meetings on my LinkedIn page before I find a real team. I’ll post what I did the day before and what challenges I overcame each day. And here — once a week — I am going to post a summary of these statuses.

On Monday I spent the whole day working with a remote server. One of the tasks from my bootcamp is to create a social network and publish it. So first I managed to transfer a folder from the local to the remote server (oh, that magic scp tool!). Then I dove into Gunicorn and installed Nginx. After that, I figured out how to apply SSL certificate from the terminal window. And after that, I tried to transfer my data into PostgreSQL, but something went wrong.

On Tuesday I tried to transfer my data in PostgreSQL from local to remote server, but got some errors again. After some googling and stackoverflowing I managed to find lost libraries, installed them and everything worked like a charm. Here is the result (I know it’s in Cyrillic, I’ll translate it to English soon).

After that, I learned how to create backup files (you never know when you’ll need them!). And I signed up for UptimeRobot and now I can see when my website is down. I love this tool! Then I started my journey with Docker. I never used this tool before, so now it’s like a new incredible world for me.

Wednesday I spent all my time learning more about Docker. I looked into images and containers, created a few, added another one with Nginx in it, and figured out how to log everything to monitor your work. After that, I signed up for DockerHub and now all my containers live in the cloud. Wow!

Thursday started as always — I had a call with my mentor Daniil Volynkin who helped me a lot by explaining how exactly Docker works and what’s under the hood of this technology.

After that, I started to accomplish my home task from the Bootcamp. I need to create a new project and run it in Docker. Hope to finish it next week.

And I dedicated an hour to writing follow-up emails to recruiters who’ve disappeared or haven’t replied for a long time. And then I passed a few tests to get LinkedIn badges. So now I’m a confirmed owner of HTML and Django skills 🙂

Some stats:

Applications submitted: 20
EasyApplies: 31
Test assignments received: 1
Rejections: 3

Oh, and while doing all these, I found a Chrome extension called Autofill. It has a weird UI, but it really helps to save time when applying for jobs. So if you fill out the information about yourself every day, you should definitely try this extension.

Also, I found a really inspiring article by Julia Evans about small projects she built in her spare time. If you are looking for another idea for your pet project, this article is a good place to start.

I hope me and my new job will meet soon.