When you come to the U.S. or go abroad from America, you have a strange feeling that you do not understand how to check the weather. This is because people use different temperature systems. But this simple weather converter should help you!

def converter():
    input_degree = input("""
            Sometimes the weather can be frustrating.
            Especially if you got lost in degrees.
            But this converter should help you!
            Enter 'f' if you want to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius
            Enter 'c' if you want to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit. \n """)
    if input_degree == 'f':
        input_degree_c = int(input('How many degrees are there? \n '))
        count_c = (input_degree_c - 32) * 5/9
        print(input_degree_c, 'degrees in Fahrenheit is ',
              round(count_c), 'in Celsius')
    elif input_degree == 'c':
        input_degree_f = int(input('How many degrees are there? \n '))
        count_f = 9/5 * input_degree_f + 32
        print(input_degree_f, 'degrees in Celsius is ',
              round(count_f), 'in Fahrenheit')
        print('Please use letters "c" or "f" \n ')

def main():

if __name__ == "__main__":

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